Welcome back Mr Rash =(

Well this is my 4th attempt at taking plaquenil (200 mgs twice daily) I started it back up on 8/18 and noticed tonight that Mr Rash is back........AGAIN!!! =(

I was told by my Rheumy at my last appt if my rash comes back to keep taking the plaquenil until I just can't stand the itching anymore. And TBH I am not sure if I like that advice. I had my hubby take a pic of the rash with my phone just so we can document how much it spreads (if at all) between now & my next Rheumy appt (Sept 12). After looking at the pic my hubby took I was shocked to see just how big my rash was. Especially since this is only day one!!

I have started Benadryl tabs and Benadryl cream. They have not helped in the past but I am hoping they will this time. I DO NOT WANT BACK ON STEROIDS!!!!!!!

I just don't know how many times I have to go through this!! Frankly I am getting quite tired of this!! It is so easy for my Reumy to tell me to keep taking the plaquenil despite the rash & itch. Becasue he is not the one going through it!!!! SMH

Well such is my life. I suppose I had better get used to this......this will probably be my life from now on.....

Wishing you all a restful nights sleep!


Did you start on plaquenil 200 mg bid (twice daily) or did you start at once daily.
My Rheumatoligist always starts me on a lower dose initially which seems to get me thru without side effects. I wonder if you went down to once daily if the rash would go away.
I’ve had rashes from meds before and they are hard to deal with.
I’ve been trying to get off steriods and it is so difficult.
Good night to you.

When I do have a rash a lukewarm to cool bath with a cup of baking soda helps the itch for me.

I started on 200 mgs twice daily. As I have said this is my 4th attempt. My first attempt was back in May (same dosage). This is partially why I am starting to get frustrated with my Rheumy (another post in the General category).

Thanks for the baking soda tip. I will try that out this evening.