Tis the season…

Its that most wonderful time of the year… LOL. Which also means cooking, shopping, house guests, and added stress on too little sleep. I am curious what you all do to manage it. And how do we remind ourselves that its ok to say No sometimes this time of year?

I have a VERY hard time saying no. Anytime of the year but especially this time of year! And I am just now starting to feel better after being dx with bronchitis…and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We go to my S-I-L’s for dinner on Thanksgiving Day. After dinner we help her put up her Christmas tree. I am the tree fluffer lol and her tree is HUGE.

Then the night after Thanksgiving we go to my other S-I-L’s and I fluff her tree…and I am SO afraid I won’t feel like doing either tree this year.
I have two teenage boys (Lane 19 & Lance 17) and we decided to put our tree up today just in case I was too exhausted after Thanksgiving (that was the excuse they used anyway lol)

So I am already worried about letting people down by saying no. And this is my first holiday season being dx with SJS. So this is all new to me!!

Its pretty great that your family is thinking ahead and is also looking for ways to help. Until you get used to saying no, their consideration will go a long way. I still have a hard time about overdoing it but have gotten somewhat better. LOL. Its hard to let go. I started doing things early this year as far as shopping and stuff. Hoping that helps a bit.