A day of giving thanks

As we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving day, bringing together family and friends, be sure to acknowledge and appreciate all of the things we CAN do, and all that we DO have.

Of all the good things that this day brings, it also brings added work and activities. Remember to work a little, and rest a lot!

Since 'black Friday' shopping events have now moved into Thursday evenings, take care around aggressive crowds. If you can no longer move with their agility and speed, let them pass. This applies to the roadways as well as the shopping aisles. As a state policeman friend of mine once said, "there are no warnings on holidays"!

Please feel welcome to share your day of thanks, or your tips for staying well through it all!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

crowds are not good for me anymore, i am staying away, staying home. i like home better anyway. my normal job is in retail, walmart, but i recently had a major health issue, sagittal sinus thrombosis, so i am on medical leave. not sure i want to go back to that type of job. health issues keep getting worse. i have not been diagnosed with sjogrens or anything related to it, but probably will be diagnosed with something in a few months. docs think i have something all related causing me to easily get blood clots, cronic constipation, dry eyes, dry mouth, joint and muscle pain. i have had a dentist, and physician assistant tell me a few years ago they thought i had sjogrens, that was 2010, never heard of it before then. back in 2010 i had the eye test which i was still making tears about half the time then so i was deemed to not have sjogrens, but they did not come to any conclusion as to what i had. see a hemotologist in a few months to get more tests done to find out what is wrong with me. hope for any answers at this point.

Hi yellow rose,

It's good to hear from you. Sorry you are having these health issues, and hope that they are doing a good job of treating you, as well as your concerns.

I have heard the stories of the craziness involved in working at Walmarts, I would not DREAM of venturing there on black Friday, unless it was online shopping.

Please take good care of yourself. I hope you can get some answers soon, but in the mean time, know that you are an important part of the group, diagnosed or suspected, you are welcome here! Don't be a stranger, and please let us know how this goes with the Dr.

Wishing you well,


Good advice, SK! And I plan to stay home during all the black Friday shopping, as well. If we don't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of anyone else, can we? Have a very blessed Thanksgiving, everyone!

I am thankful that I fpunf this sjogrens support group. This is all still very new to me as I’ve only known for about 2 weeks. So far, I’ve found so much information. It is great to hear real people’s stories and not just medical journal stuff. So this thanksgiving, this group will be included in all the things that I have to be thankful for. Blessings to everyone.

It is so nice to not feel alone in this weird disease. Unless you live it personally, you really can't understand our frustrations and limitations. One day we feel ok and the next, we are in bed all day. Others think we must be faking or something. Thanks all of you for helping me maintain my sense of well being. I will not let depression keep me down. There are way too many things I can still do and I will not miss out on any of them by having a constant pity party for myself. (Don't get me wrong, now and then a small pity party is needed. LOL)

Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you all this day and be well today.

We had a wonderful day! The boys begged to come home with us, of course as much as I wanted to just come home get my PJs on and crash, I couldn't say no! I'm playing with the little one and his hot wheels cars, next will be Mario cart racing on the Wii!

ROFl... I know that feeling. I had one set of family at the house through Monday, then friends arrived Wed. I had a little one running around the house too. Super well behaved kid but the day after Thanksgiving I was on the couch all day. I just had nothing left. I have to say it felt pretty good to be allowed to just lay around in my sweats watching tv and even video games.

And for the record, I stay far far away from Black Friday too. Online shopping is a wonderful thing.