Just remember, "work a little, rest a lot"!

It's easy enough to over do it on any day, but the holidays are the ones we can really do some damage, so just take your time and have as good a day as you can.

Wishing you health and happiness,


Any other wisdom and good advice is welcome, of course!

So true. My husband insisted on having folks over for dinner Sunday. I am conflicted. But, to his credit, all I’m making is a salad. He is making the main course and we ordered side dishes and dessert from a catering company. Kind of weird…but this will need to be the new new normal IF I can do anything at all. A sense of loss. I will rest a lot before the actual dinner tomorrow.
I know rest is crucial. And it is confusing for folks at times, because I look ok. He might very well end up doing most of the running around tomorrow when it comes to serving…I know some folks don’t understand. It can be a no win. But, fingers crossed, all will go well. yep, holidays can be draining. Fingers crossed, we all get that rest we need and have a good day!!!:slight_smile:

Hey Nomad, your husband 'gets it', so that is the biggest hurdle!

My son has to work, so we are having the holiday when it suits him, though they are not the masterpiece they once were. I always did linen, crystal, good china, fresh flowers, and cook and bake. Can't do it anymore!

I did make fresh caught cod, baked potatoes and steamed broccoli for dinner tonight, and told my husband and my mom 'happy easter'! ha!

So after I made no plans to have any of them, my one granddaughter calls at 11:15, says she's coming after work, that her sister and the kids might come! So in a mad dash I threw on jeans, shoes, and grabbed my husband, to get to the grocery store that closes at midnight for picnic fare!

So I'm resting from shopping, putting it away, and then washing dishes. AM CURRENTLY RESTING A LOT! Almost done!

Have a happy one,


I wasn't planning on fixing dinner for Easter.....BUT, my step-brother from CA sent my Dad a Ham(very nice of him) but whose going to fix it....ME. Then of course comes everything else that comes with doing a nice dinner. THEY live in lala land, and never have company, so they don't know how difficult it is for me. I realize their intention was nice, but I'm still complaining.

I'm not recovered from 'last' week-end, when I had to transplant some plants and clean the porch off....I spray painted some old shelves, they needed several coats, and I still can't feel my finger!!!! and my right foot from digging holes with the big shovel. I actually had it X-rayed several days later, because it hurts so much. Where was my husband you ask....just stand there 'hosing' off the porch, 'after' I drug all the furniture off....he's not very helpful, BUT he is compassionate!!!! and understands when I'm not well.....does that count ?????

Hope you all had a blessed Easter.

Here heeee. I told my husband he needed to help significantly or there would be NO Easter dinner with primarily his relatives. I’m having one friend, all the rest are his relatives and folks from his job. Nice people, but I’m super tired and have had a horrid two weeks or do pain wise. He gets it… Somewhat 'cause he has to. I am grateful!!! He is a blessing. I have learned over the years to tread lightly during the holidays. Wishing all a wonderful day!!!

bak, you bet it counts! But for me, I'd have the hose, he'd move the furniture! At least this would be the show down! ha! ha! He's pretty patient with me, but he doesn't feel good either, so yes, I must be patient too. Sometimes I feel like it takes forever (because it does) for him to get to something, like the Christmas reindeer in the front yard until last week, when I finally flipped, that kind of stuff just drives me NUTS!

Oh I could do a stand up routine like the comedy masters, especially the really sardonic ones...see, missed my calling!

So how did it go, Nomad, my friend?

Any stand up starters to throw in?

SK, It went unusually well! I make a very popular salad and made one in a huge bowl, because often people want seconds. My husband made lamb. I got two side dishes and the dessert from the catering company....delicious!!!

I am very tired today, but yesterday was very nice. The only thing that was slightly weird (and I really do mean slightly) was that I got compliments on all the food, actually, but also on the food that was purchased at the catering company...They thought I had made the food that was catered and our daughter announced that I purchased it. So, I just agreed. I did tell one person quietly that I had a tough week health wise, but was getting better and didn't wish to take chances and was making it easier on myself by ordering some of the food. It was weird 'cause folks seem so judgmental and I could tell some of them were wondering why they would be invited to a home for meal that wasn't largely home cooked. ??? Well, I could/should care less and I'm working on fully caring less.It was all delicious. The dessert was OVER THE TOP delicious. It was a Bailey's Irish Cream Cheese Cake.

What is a starter? How funny that this expression/word is not familiar to me! Is this an appetizer? Well, ....I took short cuts on the appetizers too. Our grocery store makes a reasonably priced cut up vegetable tray. I got that and put some salad dressing in a bowl next to it for a dip. And then I had some vegetable potato chips. That's it! Nothing prepared. But, I also knew I had a lot of food at dinner, so I didn't want them to stuff themselves.

Some folks brought a wonderful side dish, another dessert, a bread with dip and some great wine! YUM! (I don't drink wine though). I put out some chilled bottles of Perrier.

The conversations were great...a good dinner...well received. A friend helped me here and there with clean up. And this morning my husband helped me finish the clean up.

Not bad at all work wise and a good time was had by all!


PS Bak....Wow, you did a lot! I have given up doing anything in our yard/garden! That is something that totally knocks me out! About the only thing I'll do is turn the sprinklers on and off and pick up a piece of litter when I see it. Now that's very hard work!

Thanks for being so supportive.... I didn't do as much as I feel like I should have for the dinner. I just heated up the ham, cooked one frozen veggie, had delicious 'Hawiian store bought rolls, and that was that. My husband made his favorite blueberry cream cheese pie, and one of my Dad's caregiver's made him a Key Lime pie for an Easter present. We all enjoyed the meal. It's not supposed to be about the food, it's the company.....

My Dad was very much appreciative. He's 95 and 2 years ago had to have his left arm amputated due to cancer, and is also now in a wheelchair. He 'finally' understands about my Lupus...after 24 years!!!! Everyone thinks we're okay, since we look fine....people just don't know.

My step-brother who lives here had surprise when he came to dinner and saw me in my 'walking-boot' with my hurt foot. It takes something visual for some people to comprehend what's really going on. His wife so kindly put the dishes in the dishwasher....and I let her!!! you'd be so proud....

Thank you for all being here, as you might know I'm new to the site and find it so comforting to know people understand, because they are going thru the same issues.

You all, have a good and peaceful, restful day.