Wishing a happy holiday to all!

Wishing you a wonderful peaceful and a pain free as possible Easter!

Sending gentle hugs to all my Sjogrens Family and many Blessings on Easter and always

Happy holiday to you and everyone here too !! I second that, Sadymay, hope it’s as pain free as possible !! :wink:

Oh and we all have to remember to listen to our bodies and dont over due it !!

I'm staying in bed today. Too much pain to go to services.I will roast a chicken and some potatoes. That's easy enough.---but other than that, I'm off duty.I will miss going to church, but just can't manage it today. (I have RA and PsA too--they are the culprits today)

Wishing you all a blessed Easter and Good Passover to all of you.