It's so hard to say "no"!

I've learned to say no to many things and many people, but the hardest ones to say no to are the grand kids! I hardly ever turn them away when they want to come, no matter the reason, but I just had to yesterday. I'll have to say no again today too!

I cannot really put my finger on any specific thing, I just feel wiped out, everything aches, and just getting up to go to the bathroom is almost too much to do.

We've asked the kids to help with some projects here and we pay them, but there's cooking for them, getting drinks, running to the store, laundry, and constantly running in circles to get them what they need, or to entertain the teething baby, or make sure we know what the 4 year old is up to, especially when he's quiet! The list goes on...

They think that as long as I'm not contagious, they can still come! I don't feel especially good about it, but I feel like I'm already about 2 steps away from the ER, and you all know how I feel about going there!

Can you relate?

SK I can really relate to the physical part of what you are going through. I have no energy to deal with visitors as I try to recover from my current illness. I don’t have family except for my teenage son but I have had to turn down someone who wants to visit. I hear a little guilt coming from you but you need to take care of yourself so you can enjoy those grand kids later. I am sure that as a mother you always carried the ball despite the times you were sick and now they expect you to do the same now. Now it’s time to care for you.

Avoid the ER but maybe call your doc to see if something is brewing.

I'm sorry you don't feel good Susan. I do not as of yet have any grandchildren. My daughter lives here...sometimes she helps witth the dishes but the cooking is always mine....although I have learned to say no to cooking. If I don't feel up to it they can always have cereal !

I hope you can stay out of the ER....what do they usually do when you go to the ER? Have you ever been admitted for SS?

SO far today I've not gotten out of my recliner except once to go to the potty and grab a bite. It's just "one of those days"

I know exactly how you feel. I have 5 grandkids who all but one live in my town and it seems I never get to spend much time with them. My youngest son had 2 daughters, the youngest just 9 months old and I adore all of them and wish I could have them over everyday but it’s just not possible. I do good to see them a couple times a month. Just too tired and achy to get out and body them lately. I did manage to meet my daughterinlaw for lunch yesterday with the baby and I enjoyed that immensely but today I’m in bed with exhaustion and sinus issues again. Just never seems to stop. The grandkids other grandmas live nearby and they get to them a whole lot more often than me so I get a little jealous I admit. It hurts when they would rather spend time with them than come see me. Just feel useless.

Thanks, I'm actually fairing better today than yesterday, but my energy is about gone! I do think the high grass pollen is at least part of the problem, but taking antihystimines just dries us out even more!

I think I'm still burnt out from the last time they were all here!

No, going to the ER is not an answer to anything we have!

I'm sorry.

It hurts to be left out. I can attest to that vociferously. I'm really sorry you are so limited. It's no fun that's for sure

I’m so sorry, SK. Our grandson just turned two and when we move to the same city, I’m fearful that I will be limited.

Tonight I have worsening TN pain and that always limits me.

My energy improved when I started taking LOTS of B vitamins and D3. I also take C0q10, although I’m not as consistent with that one. I think these vitamins help us fOlks over 39 in particular!!!

Good wishes!!!

LOL! Guess I'd better up the dose then, I'm WAY OVER!

Thanks, Nomad!

Had to run as DH made dinner for me. You are so funny …love your sense of humor. Good for you that you can say “no,” when you need to. I know it feels crummy though. Rest up…feel better soon and yes, take those vitamins just in case it helps a little! Fingers crossed

Can't relate YET in 2 weeks I am moving 420 miles,giving up a home and place I love just to be closer to them. I just can't travel to see them anymore. But I hope I can handle the stresses you have undergone with your grandchildren. Have you talked to their mama nd papa? It seems a lot for you to deal with. the best to you, I know exhaustion and guess little ones don't help that.

Best to you, Sabra

LOL…what they said. You have to be good to you or you won't be good to anybody. If you feel exhausted or like something may be brewing, it is totally not the time to push yourself. I know its disappointing though. And I can definitely relate. I am sorry to hear it.

I've been under the blanket of fatigue here too…I half wonder if the wildly changing barometer and storms that came through don't contribute too. At the moment though, I am shaking my head remembering the time when even 30 sounded old. LOL

I’m sorry SK, it’s the old guilt thing, they forget but we feel guilty if we can’t be “super mom” or"super grandma"! You have to take care of yourself or you won’t be a part of their life! Take care.

KSk must be something out there fatiguing us. It’s my birthday today (71!) &hi had my grand kids over (10 &14). And I was wiped out my husband brought them here. We went out for lunch, then to a movie(teenage mutant ninja turtles…3d was awesome) my husband had to drive them home, as I crawled into bed and slept for 2hours. Then lots of pain at night. Not tired now! Was supposed to watch them this coming Monday, but had to say no. I have my one on one yoga then a shot in my neck to help with the OA. Need that time for me.I’m their step grandma, only in my life for five years. I can’t imagine little ones. That’d be really hard. It’s ok to say no. It’s important to take care of yourself. Thanks for sharing

This book looks very good. Lysa is a great author...I"ve read all her other books...This is her newest. And it's on the topic of saying no and knowing when to day yes.

She has five kids....she should be well acquainted on when to say no and when to say yes.