Flare, again, sigh

ER visit, blood tests, eosinophils, high, again. Sigh. Another flare, and again, fatigue mistaken for good old depresssion. SIGH. I am so tired, which, of course, does not help my fatigue or the belief, just depressed, any suggestions, how to, with those who believe, just depressed, depression, more anti-depressant or an addition to, maybe something like a mood stabilizer? What I would like, comforting instead of subtle suggestions of, mental illness, hospitalization in a mental unit, suicide (?), all that just does NOTHING except makes me worse, feel worse, more misunderstood, and more fatigued. On top of that, my vocal cord condition, dysphonia, is being questioned, just psychosomatic instead of physical dysfunction, instead of a neurological disorder/disease, JUST what psychiatric disorder.
As for tears, keeping all that precious water inside, where water is needed most.


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I’m sorry. That really sucks. You’re seeing a rheumatologist? I don’t know what treatments you’ve already tried so I don’t have any sound ideas.

But something to keep in mind is that inflammation and depression can go hand in hand. Often when people get disease under control they find that the depressive symptoms will also lessen. In the meantime, are there any treatments to help you manage your symptoms better?

Hi Stoney,

Yes, I have a rheumatologist. Meds: Hydroxycloroquine, Pilocarpine, Xiidra eye drops, Cymbalta, Baclofen, Gabapentin, Tramadol, and Naproxen. And others for a heart condition and asthma.
Treatments: Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Swallow therapy, and Voice therapy. Current: Physical therapy and Voice therapy.
I AM resenting this fact, a lifestyle change to a more sedentary style of living, which, after being so active in sports and other outdoor living activities, this having to be more indoors almost all the time, isn’t what I expected AT ALL. I try to console myself with I do have more time to read and crochet, and an opportunity to learn what is offered on YouTube. I just miss my active outdoor lifestyle, very much.


I understand completely. There are things that I’ve had to give up and I’m still not too happy about it. Knitting was one of them. I’ve tried again, but it’s just not doable. But I’ve realized that I can do sewing projects, so that makes it a bit better.

I haven’t stopped my crafting ventures. I have begun a new (ad)venture into music. I bought a jaw harp and a thumb piano. I’m having so much fun with both instruments. Expressing my feelings with music, just the “ticket”. Some days, weather and Sjogren’s permitting, I sit outdoors and do my best to learn bird songs. Whistling bird tunes is very different from how I used to whistle songs. Doing things that lifts my spirits, and stuff that helps take my mind off and away from my dull thoughts keeps me out of the grumps.

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