I want to ask you all, do you have issues with depression? I have such bad depression, and although I have had issues in the past before, this is really ridicules. The depressed feelings I have are so much worse and overwhelming than any issues I have had previous to Sjogren's. I also have cognitive issues . . . I am wondering if this makes it more likely for the depression to kick up 6 notches?

I seem to have 3 types of depressive things going on;

1) A low level depression from feeling unwell, fatigued and isolated.

2) Very often I have bad depression upon waking, and I only start to feel somewhat better in the mid afternoon.

3) I have bouts of severe depression that come and go usually lasting a week to 10 days. These are so bad, I am afraid of what I might do.

I was diagnosed 6 yrs ago and Ive had depression probably the last 2 yrs the worse I get I’ve been Zoloft but Im starting to think its time for a counselor because although I love this group and helping others I always feel like people are just going to think I’m whining just like other people in my life do because they don’t understand so I’ve quit talking to everyone about whats going on

Ive also suffered with depression over the years, usually in the winter, (SAD or seasonal affect disorder).It starts in the fall and is gone by spring when there is more daylight. That said, I’ve recently gone through the worst depression ever, and not at the usual time.The mornings are full.of anxiety,and I’ve been prescribed xanax for that, and it helps, but I am in the “abys” for the remainder of the day, with slight improvement in the evening. I’ve been on prozac for years. Sometimes I think it helps, other times I’m no so sure. It stinks. I,too, am having a tough time with my health problems and the restrictions that go with them. I also have lupus, .fibromyalgia and a blood disorder .I keep telling myself that these diseases don’t define me, but sometimes it feels as if they do. Try to stay strong and allow yourself your low times. Know they Will pass and that you’re not alone. Sarah

Are you on any medication for the depression- you said you'd had trouble with this in the past, but not so bad? If not, maybe you need to see your GP/ primary care doctor and talk about this. The low level depression from tiredness and ill health is understandable, but the severe bouts sound worrying, especially if you say that you're worried what you might do. I think you need to seek help for that.

Thinking of you, and as Sarah said, you're not alone; everyone on here understands.

Ingenious, I agree with everyone else that it sounds as though you need to ask your doctor for some help. Is that something you feel you can do? Do you have a friend or family member who can go with you and help advocate on your behalf? And, please, if you're having bad thoughts use the crisis helpline to talk with people who can help ... see the box above right tel: 1-800-273-TALK

Stay strong.

I have real problems with depression: clinical depression in partial remission, depression from severe pain, and depression for loss of physical function like walking, brain fog, frequent lung infections. I could write a laundry list. I just happened to land a great psychiatrist on the first round six years ago. He has really helped me as my autoimmune diseases progresses. It makes me still feel like trying taking the right meds.

A psychiatrist who can prescribe meds and a counselor for talk therapy can really help you get through the depression which is one of the symptoms most of us get.

People who don't "get it" need some education and you can refer them to numerous websites, including this one, to get more information. Autoimmune disease can make keeping your head above water a major challenge. Here's a good place to start: Lupus Foundation of America

Bless you. You got to hold on!

I'm seconding everyone here that if you have any fear of what you may do during low times, you need to get with a counselor. The meds can help too and get you to a place where the counseling can take hold more. Jules listed the Crisis Hotline which you can use anytime but please seek out a regular counselor as well. Its not uncommon with chronic illness and needs to be addressed with the same seriousness as the physical aspects.

I was diagnosed with SS in the late 90s and that was when my depression started happening. In my past, I never had this proble, and, when it hit, it never ended. It isn’t minor depression, but has been so bad that,mon many occasions, I felt like ending my life. At that same time I was diagnosed with many health conditions and, since then, my illnesses have torn my family apart.

I am a retired psychoanalyst and want to second the advice given by others. In many ways your depression sounds like the typical depression people experience, especially getting better in the afternoon. And depression and anxiety because of our illness I think is ubiquitous. But the severe depression that makes you afraid of what you might do, definitely is a signal that you must speak with a well qualified psychiatrist. My patients did very well with a combination of medication and talk therapy. The relationship between my patients and myself gave my patients the comfort of feeling understood and not alone with their struggles. I wish you the best of luck. Jaycee

I do also struggle with occasional depression. Not as severe as what you describe, and it often seems to be directly related to how badly I'm feeling phyiscally at the time. The fact that you feel better as the day goes on makes me wonder if you may have some adrenal issues. (I have adrenal insffuciency and it seems to work that way) Just a thought. I agree with everyone else that you need to address the depression with a doc who can help you. Wishing you all the best. Debi

It reads that we are all in agreement as to the path you should try to initiate and follow. I will add that I have been gone from this group and the lupus group for months due to deep depression. I did go to my doctor for help with my husband by my side. He was so abrasive and awful to me that I was beside myself. In the midst of the tirade he told me that "you have really lost it. You need a psychiatrist and I think you need to see someone like an internist from now on rather then me." This was a total shock to both of us as he was normally very light hearted and understanding. The only other tme he wasn't was again about depression. I managed to ask him if I was over medicated and we asked him about "Serotonin Syndrome." He said yeah, he thought that was probably it but offered no help. I have not been back since nor will either of us ever return. My husband was so angry too. So, it ends up that was indeed what was wrong which I identified myself with the help of our oldest son and both of us researching on the internet. That is when we started driving 225 miles each way to see my former internist. I weaned myself off of some of the drugs (Lyrica and Cymbalta)as I knew I couldn't wait for an appointment. Thankfully, I read enough to do it and I knew I would go to the ER if absolutely necessary. Depression is so wicked and yet still not treated by doctors in the right manner. I will never forgive this doctor for the way he treated me. Good luck. Healing thoughts to you.

Throwing my hat in this ring too. My depression pre-dates my Dx of SS by many years. My health problems in the last few years makes it worse. In addition to the advice above I would add another idea for managing depression. Building a strong spiritual foundation and limiting negative people & places in my life. I don't know how I would have made it through the last few years without my faith and faith community.

I hear you Butler, I also find it helpful to limit my exposure to negativity, bad news and people who drag me down. We all need to be surrounded by supportive and emotionally nourishing people and environment, whether that is sharing a faith or, indeed, no faith.

You certainly are not alone, and please remember that even in those darkest of moments. There are a lot of articles on the Internet that agree with there being a link between chronic illness and depression. I have dealt with depression prior to my dx, but in the last couple of years it has gotten worse for me as well and I personally agree with those articles. I also agree that it feels as if it has kicked the depression up at least 6 notches.

Your depressions are "normal" for chronic illnesses. Talk with your doctor about it and perhaps he will prescribe something or refer you to someone who will. Don't let it go. Good luck

I experience the same things. Guess it’s par for the course. Have you discussed this with your M.D. Or consider ed anti depressants? They help.

I was always a pretty upbeat person until I got sick. Then the depression set in. I have had PTSD for years & was lucky enough to find a great psych about 10 years ago. I absolutely love her! She increased my Xanax when I was diagnosed w/SS to help w/the increased anxiety which has helped. I'm also on Latuda its fairly new but I'm not sure if its for depression or not but worth looking in to.It is key to have a great psych dr. I agree w/what everyone has said chronic illness & depression do go together. The sicker I get the more depressed I get! I have also felt I couldn't go on like this any longer but then I look at my 2 little girls and know I cannot leave them. So I grab my walker and try to put 1 foot in front of the other. Hang in there. I'm always here if you want to talk.


There is a definite link between any chronic illness and depression. The overwhelming fatigue that makes it impossible at times to do even the most basic of household tasks, let alone participate in a family trip to say the zoo, add yet another layer. It is important that you speak with your doctor about the depression. There is no reason you should battle it alone - certainly if you are afraid of how you might act on your feelings of desolation. In fact, your health may improve, at least to some extent, because your life view may improve if the depression is addressed. Please talk with your doctor honestly about how you are feeling. I know I am glad I talked with mine.