Had some type of nerve study done today

My PCP said I was to have a Nerve Conduction Study…but what I had done doesn’t even sound similar to what I am reading on the internet. There were no needles involved. The test took less than 3 or 4 minutes.

The tech put this sticky thing on the tops of both my feet. Then she hooked the meter up to the things on my feet. Then switched it on…OMG!!! So painful!!! It wasn’t a deep pain more like a topical pain. 32 pulses on the tops of both feet and 22 on the inside of the ankle of my left foot.

I told her there was obviously nothing wrong (after the first foot was done) because I felt EVERYTHING!!! And she said "Not necessarily…usually the more pain the patient feels during the test, it means something is wrong).

I THOUGHT I had a high tolerance for pain…and I found out I am NOT as tough as I thought I was!!

BUT…at least I will know for sure, once and for all…what…if anything, is causing my leg pain!!

That’s a different one than I’ve had. I’ve had nerve conduction studies and and EMG. I was lucky that in the practice that I use, a neurologist does this type of testing, so you can receive test results right away. When will you be finding out the results?

the tech said either this afternoon or tomorrow. So since the clinic is already closed…I am hoping some time tomorrow. I can’t seem to find anything even similar to what I had done when I look online.

I just hope I can get some answers!! And some RELIEF!!!

Have a great evening!!

nerve study was normal!!! So what’s with my excessive sweating at night? My having trouble regulating my body temperature. My frequent chills. And my losing 20 pounds without even trying???

What is going on with me then???

Hi Limarie! The nerve study looks at the motor nerves, the ones that are myelinated. You can have small fiber neuropathy which can cause pain, burning, stinging etc, but which wouldn’t show up on the nerve study, because that’s not what’s being tested.

There are different parts of your nervous system - the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and the autonomic nervous system. Sjögren’s can impact multiple parts of your nervous system. You’ll need to have a follow up with your neurologist.

You’ll also need to talk about what other possibilities there are that may be causing this, and get it checked out.

thanks for the clarification Stoney!! I appreciate it!! :smile:

Hope that you get some answers (and some help!) soon…

Thanks Jules!! Me too!! :slight_smile:

Hi Limarie! Any news on this? How are you doing?

Hi Stoney…nothing new to report. I am still dealing with the same symptoms. Some of them I feel are getting worse. Like my dizzy spells & lightheaded-ness. Still not sure what is causing them. But I have almost completely lost my appetite so I have not been eating much for quite a while now so that may have something to do with it. But I had a pretty bad spell yesterday & I checked my blood sugar and it was perfect (84). I had, had a carnation instant breakfast shake for breakfast earlier (7 A.M) and I took my blood sugar around 1 in the afternoon.

And I have been having these “electric shock” like sensations down my spine. But they seem to only happen when I am in bed at night. They seem to be getting stronger in intensity.

I am in between Rheumy’s at the moment. I am waiting on a referral to a Dr in Jonesboro, AR. The Dr in Jonesboro recently moved to a new facility so she just started accepting new patients on Feb 1st. So if I don’t hear from my PCP’s office by Monday afternoon I am going to call them (my PCP) and gently remind them.

Thank you so much for asking about me!! You are so sweet!!
I hope you are doing well!!
Have a great weekend!!


Sometimes when blood sugar is falling fast, you can feel like it’s a low, even if the number that you get on your meter is normal. Just something to think about. Hopefully you can get that referral taken care of fast.

That is something to think about. But my gut is telling me my dizzy spells are not sugar related. I just feel like my old Rheumy didn’t listen to me and care enough to get to the bottom of my symptoms. So I think “something” has been brewing for the last 6 months…I’m kind of hoping this new Rheumy will want to start all over (minus the lip bx…because that is NEVER happening again!!! lol) and figure out if indeed something besides SJS is going on.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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