Hair Loss

Has anyone experienced hair loss with Sjogren's? I have had significant hair loss over the past ten years. Just wondering...........thanks

Yes. I have only half as much hair on my head as I had 10 yrs. ago. I noticed the hair loss about 5 yrs. before I was diagnosed with Sjogren's. Since then my lashes are shorter and thinner also. And I barely have any eyebrows left.

I'm in on this, my thyroid has been tested repeatedly, comes up clean. I wonder if Lyrica plays a role in this, or if it's all Sjogren's. My Rheum suggested a Derm, but as yet, I haven't pursued it!

Thanks for the responses.............been on thyroid meds for about 12yrs. Hair loss started about 15yrs ago. I now wear wigs and hairpieces to compensate. Perhaps I should see a derm. so nice to have others to share this with.

The fibromyalgia group discusses this constantly, so there is a link.

Even though I am not a medical professional, I have my thoughts that even though they have been diagnosed with Fibro, and have it, there is still something else to be discovered in many of those patients. You see it, and hear of it everyday.

Fibromyalgia is so much like autoimmune disease, and so many autoimmune diseases are so very much alike in symptoms, no wonder it's often difficult to diagnose!

I have lupus and fibro and i have hair loss. I read some where that it is common with any auto immune dz. I wished i could find the article again but i lost it when my computer crashed.

I had no idea an autoimmune disease could do so much damage.

The systemic ones, such as Sjogren's surely can as every cell of the body is under constant attack! Hows that for some uplifting thoughts? ha!