Has anyone ever been asked to give tear or saliva specimens?


Yes, I have. I did this at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. Why do you ask? I can tell you how it was done.

I was required to spit in a cup for a certain length of time. The eye test required that an absorbing paper be put under my eye lids in order to measure the moisture produced in a certain amount of time. This was somewhat uncomfortable but not painful.

Hi Dustcatcher,

It's just the first time that I've even heard of anyone asking for those specimens! I guess it's all still in the research process!

Hi SK and all ! Yes I was part of the SICCA study at Hopkins mentioned in the article you posted the link to. The study was done in one day and consisted of numerous components. I've had the Schrimer test ( strips of paper to test your eye dryness.) many times, but the SICCA study actually collected your tears. The same for saliva, it was done with very tiny pipette tubes. In the saliva study, you had to spit into a cup for a certain amount of time. That was considered the un stimulated samples, then if I remember right ( which at times is a long shot!) they gave you something lemon to see if you could produce any more saliva. The doctor who did the study ( I forget if names can be mentioned?) is an extremely nice physician, it was a pleasure to be part of it. However I did not have to return to the study for a follow up because my lip biopsy infiltration was not high enough to be officially considered Sjogrens. My tear production was literally non existent as was the saliva, so technically I am listed as having " Sjogrens -like syndrome, SICCA syndrome or mixed connective tissue disease, take your pick ! I stopped seeing the rheumatologist at Hopkins, I now use one at University of Pennsylvania which is much closer to home. However I still see the ophthalmologist who is part of Hopkins Sjogrens team, another wonderful and caring doctor," Dr. A." So according to the world regulations I do not have Sjogrens but all my physicians say it's just a matter of wording. But anyway, yes the little tears and spit I had that day are safely tucked away ! Now I should read the article I guess :0)

Thanks ladies, glad to know that you were part of this study! Every bit helps! Hopefully something very helpful will come of it all very soon!

Yes, Doctor's names can be mentioned, but only in a positive light!