Has this helped anyone

my rheumy decided to put me on physical therapy. Tuesday is my first appointment. I don't know if it will be water therapy or what. Has anyone been helped by physical therapy? I am confused because doesn't it normally aim toward a certain part of your body? my pain is ss pain, literally, from head to toe. I am also leery of its lasting affects because I cannot afford to buy any equipment to continue the therapy at home.

any info you can give me will help. Thanks and have a boo yaaaa day!!!!!!!!!!

So I typically do physical therapy when specific parts are particularly bothersome. However, I do know people who have done physical therapy for fibromyalgia, which is widespread pain. Getting moving can make a really big difference in pain management, so that may be the idea behind the PT referral.

In terms of equipment, I usually have been given materials for home exercises, such as exercise bands. The materials may be a ball or two, towels, etc. Pretty straightforward stuff that you likely have at home already.