Added Fibro to the mix

So just confirmed that Inhave developed fibro also. Rheum put me back on gabapentin (which Intolerate well). I have to say it’s really helping but still… for anyone out there dealing with the two, how do you cope with both? Ugh…what a nuisance. Lol

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That’s frustrating. Hopefully you can get it quiet it down fairly fast.

I know this won’t come close to solving anything but do you do mild yoga? I use Peggy Cappy’s “Yoga for Arthritis” because it’s not specific to “classic” arthritis. I started using it about three years ago when I kept getting recurring pain with my marathon-running phase, and in a week, it was like a magical transformation. I’ve stuck with it since - six days a week.

Hey…I did yoga for a couple years but my instructor retired. I haven’t been able to find a place that works with my schedule (and financials). I will definitely look for yoga for arthritis. Thanks for the tip. Yoga really does wonders and I’ve missed it.

And yes, much as I hate more meds, it really is helping.

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I also have fibro along with ss…its hard im on plaquenil, gabapentin, muscle relaxers, tramadol… and other meds… its really hard …

The weather changes are whats getting me. And the fatigue. They both cause it so double whammy. Lol

Yes it does…i have moved back to Tennessee and the winters are so harsh…oain on top of pain

Yuck. LOL. Where did you move from? I am in NY so TN sounds like a dream. Ad just to add to the fun, I am going to be moving to CT so yay for even worse winters.