Saw my new RA

She was and is amazing. She understands SS and even offered me a brochure published by the Arthritis Associatiation. I haven't looked at it yet, it took me 3 hours to get home. Long story. Rain. No show transportation service. Drenched. Aches and pains. Knees stiff and swollen.

She was impressed with everything I knew about the illness, thanks to this site and some other Google searches. Which she thought was great. She wants me too see a Ophthalmologist before prescribing me anything and she wants too see my hip and knee x-rays and chest x-rays to make sure everything is ok.

I did have pneumonia last year. She has no problem with the Tramadol-acetametaphin combo (Ultracet). I might have to up it actually. She says I need to keep moving. So when the weather clears, I'm gonna start walking again.

Hopefully on the right meds, it will reduce the inflammation and stiffness and fatigue over time and I can walk more. And feel the desire to actually DO something, without fearing pain.

I worry about my liver, all that Tylenol. But I really don't take that much. I'll talk it over with my primary this week.

I'm a complicated case, with all the operations I have had and the stomach issues from having weight loss surgery. She is afraid of ulcers if she prescribes other pain relievers.

She even apologized for the treatment I got from my other RA, whom she knows. She just said he's old and old fashioned. I pretty much told her, I was abandoned and told to take Tylenol and dismissed. Which is the truth.

I asked her if it gets worse as I get older. She didn't commit to any answer, but time will tell.

I do have a dry mouth and eyes, but a mild case. She does want me to take OTC tear medication or Restasis.

Thus the Ophthalmologist. I make the appointment with him tomorrow. Hopefully someday this month, I can see him and begin working on some type of control or means of dealing with the illness.

If all is good, I should be on Plaquenil by next month.

I discussed the chronic hip pains, which she thinks is from the arthritis in my coccyx. Normal wear and tear. But I think that its more. But time will tell.

Overall, I am happy with her and look forwards to working with her. She says I need an ENT to keep track of my salivary glands. One more doc added to my list.

Oh well. Gotta stay on top of this, I guess.

Ah, this is good news! So glad to hear that you may have found 'your Doctor'! Did she refer you to a different ENT, or were you to go back to the one who did the Thyroid?

So sounds like it's osteoarthritis rather than an autoimmune type, not that there is EVER a good type of arthritis! I do hope she can get you to a better place, it really does sound promising!