Hello dear friends :)

I’ve come back as I’ve missed you a lot…my health as got me down badly, it’s sent me withdrawn and flares keep going like mad and I can only keep repeating myself so much to my hubby…pain day in day out which a great deal of we are going through.

I was under a Rheumo who is now retired, saw a new one last month and had the grace to tell me he couldn’t treat me having over 10 autoimmune diseases but as got me in straight away with a MCTD specialist who I see next month…thank god.

All my love Terry

Hi Terry! What sort of craziness is that? He can’t treat all of your autoimmune diseases? Isn’t that what the rheumy is for? Weird.

I’m sorry that you haven’t been doing well, but we’re always happy to have you here.

Hey!!! Good to see you. I’ve been in and out too but its great to see you guys.
Sorry to hear you’ve been down. Please keep us posted on how you are.