Having a so/so day

So I went to the Dr regarding an excruciating elbow pain radiate to my finger and my hand get numb, for a change dr did not find anything. Is anyone experiencing this type of pain.

That’s your ulnar nerve typically. It’s what you feel when you hit your funny bone.

When I saw my neurologist about longer lasting numbness, he expressed that the concern isn’t about changes in sensation, but about changes in strength. I have neuropathy in my feet already, so I take something to help with that.

Thank you for your reply. Omg what else going to hurt :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I just did a massive round of that. It was so bad that if I so much as brushed my arm against a doorway, the pain would almost knock me over. They told me it was severe tendonitis…and that it could be related to SS. If it helps any, that strap style brace and physical therapy helped a ton and knocked the pain way back.