I have a headache every day. It’s not always a migraine, although I do have those too. It is usually more in the front of my face behind my eyes. I think it may be my sinuses. I have always had sinus problems and infections and I know now that is one issue with Sjogrens. Before diagnosis I took an antihistamine every night but I stopped because dryness is the problem. Sometimes saline spray and ibuprofen will help, but not always. I also use a humidifier. Does anyone else have this problem or suggestions? Terri

I go through spells of serial headaches but I haven’t attributed it to SS. I’m sensitive to barimetric pressure changes and also I have a problem with tense muscles in my neck. Neck stretching exercises help a great deal. If there’s a weather change coming I take Excedrin Migraine before I go to bed and it usually wards off a headache.

You may want to see an ear nose and throat doctor. If you are able to manage the sinus issue you may have some improvement in the headaches. That would certainly be nice.

Since I posted this I have been dxed with chronic migraine syndrome. My Neuro says my headaches are migraine and is unrelated to sjogrens. I am on a preventive med and I have a rescue med to take when all else fails. He believes they are being triggered by the lights where I work which is just awesome, lol.i also now have migraine glasses (weird little red lenses) which have honestly helped more than anything else I have tried. Just one more thing to deal with.:worried::frowning::weary:

That’s good that you’re able to improve your situation with the glasses. I got yellow lenses for driving at night, because the glare from headlights was quite painful.

Hi Terri! Have you tried making any diet changes? Anti-inflammatory diets are supposed to help with both autoimmunes and headaches