Hello from North Carolina

I found this site quite by accident. My Sjogrens is giving me more joint pain lately despite exercising. Pain meds only last about half way thru the night. I was hoping to get some insight and new ideas and see how others are managing. I was diagnosed about 2 years ago then it suddenly went into “remission” but now its back with a vengeance. I researched some meds that my doctor could/might prescribe and the side effects are really a concern. Thanks for any suggestions or ideas.

Hi Vicki! Hello right back at you from New York!

Remember that all side effects must be listed, but that doesn’t mean it will affect you. I’ve probably been on half the meds that you’ve researched, or know about them. I think there’s only been one med EVER that I had to quit due to side effects. I was put on Topamax as a migraine preventative, and my hands and feet started tingling out of control.

What are some of the meds that you’re looking at? I’m also a bit concerned about the use of pain meds. It can lead to becoming overly sensitized to pain. In other words, it can backfire. Many rheumatologists won’t prescribe them at all, and most doctors seem to agree that they should be used for short term, acute pain. You may want to talk to your doctor about NSAIDs as well. Those actually treat the inflammation, as well as provide some pain control.

The doctor rattled off some names but before he could finish I stopped him and took him meds were off the table :unamused:. And then I was happy I did that because all the pain & stiffness just went away… it was gone for about a year. I was thinking, this Sjogrens thing is nothing… then it all came back :cry:. I didn’t have the loss off energy the first time but now, boy, by 8pm I feel like the day has been 24 hours long. I’ve been using CBD oil… the full spectrum has a little unpleasant taste but the isolate is tasteless… At first it was working great but that was at the lower strength… I should up the strength but that also up’s the price! What do u use for pain? When were you diagnosed? I also have diabetes type 1 since 2006 and thyroid disease since the 80’s


That’s not surprising at all, that you have multiple autoimmune diagnoses. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis almost 12 years ago, and sjogren’s probably 8 years ago.

I would encourage you to speak with your doctor about where you’re at now. It may be time to consider meds for this.

Crap :frowning: ur probably right… thanks, I’ll take your advice…be well

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