Hello Kerry from South Yorkshire!

Hi there Kerry, I’m Julie, a Ben’s Friend’s intern. Welcome to the Sjogren’s Syndrome patient support group! There are many others like you who have had their diagnosis for years, and also many others coming to this board after being diagnosed recently. It sounds like you’ve already had some experience with the condition, and I’m glad to see from your profile that it seems that you’ve been able to find a balanced lifestyle too!

If you haven’t already, feel free to take a look through the past discussions members have had by clicking the magnifying glass at the top of the page (maybe try typing in some key words like ‘eye pain’ to see what others have had to say about it previously). Feel free to also jumpstart a conversation if you have any questions that haven’t been asked yet with the ‘+New Topic’ button near the top of the page if you would like some more fresh advice from our members. I hope you’re able to find some useful answers and input here! If you need any assistance with the website any mod (a member with a shield next to their name) can assist – just click the icon next to our name and click ‘Message’ to send a private message to one of us.

Best wishes,