Big welcome to Jo from Wisconsin!

Hi there @jawzette, I’m Julie, a Ben’s Friends intern. Welcome to the Sjogren’s Syndrome patient support group! Being recently diagnosed can be quite an ordeal, but many other members in our group are here to listen to your experiences and share their own with Sjogren’s. Feel free to browse through our categories on the left of our home page to learn more about Sjogren’s topics, or hop into our most recent discussions on the right of the home page.

It’s great to meet someone with a positive attitude who dedicates their time to helping others for a living! Even though we’re a Sjogren’s Syndrome support board, we would love to hear your general life updates as well, and have a category for that at the link below.

I and the other mods (users with a shield next to their name) are here to help if you need any assistance with navigating the website as well :grin: You can click our icon picture and click ‘Message’ to message anyone directly. Please let us know if you need anything, and welcome again to Sjogren’s Syndrome Support!