Welcome Jeff from California!

Hi there @HangTen! I’m Julie, a Ben’s Friends intern, and I’d like to give you a personal welcome to the Sjogren’s Syndrome patient support group. It must be a bit of an ordeal learning about a diagnosis, but I’m glad that you found us to educate yourself on the condition and get in touch with others who have Sjogren’s. It’s amazing to hear that you donated your kidney to your sister, and understandable that you have some special concerns having an autoimmune condition now. We’re here to listen to your thoughts and help you through your experience with Sjogren’s. We would also love to hear how you’re doing if you ever feel like checking in, and have a board dedicated to hearing updates from our members, linked below.


I and the rest of the mods team are available to help you navigate the website or with anything about the community, so feel free to click on the icon of anyone with a shield next to their name to private message any of us if you need assistance. Hope we can help you learn more about Sjogren’s, and welcome again to Sjogren’s Syndrome Support!