Welcome to our new member Jenn!

Hi @jam, and welcome to the patient community group for Sjogren’s Syndrome! My name is Julie, and I’m part of Ben’s Friends’ intern team. We’re glad that you were able to find us, and hope you find browsing everyone else’s experience with SS, both medically and with the healthcare system, useful for you! It must have been frustrating having your past doctors tell you that the problem is in your head, but it’s good to hear you finally found a rheumatologist who would listen! I’m happy to see you’ve already started reading up and commenting on topics, but why not have a full introduction to your fellow members here? We’re not just here for the nitty gritty of SS, we’d love to hear about you and how you have been doing lately.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the public board or you can also direct message a mod (any user with a shield next to their name) if you have any questions about how to navigate the website. Looking forward to hearing more about you and helping you learn more about Sjogren’s!

Hi! Thank you for the wonderful welcome!

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