Hi Andrea, Welcome

Hi @ahays , and welcome to the Sjogren’s Syndrome patient support board. I’m Julie, one of the interns with BensFriends! Sorry to hear about all of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, but I’m glad that you were able to find us.

Many of our members here have been diagnosed as well, and while there are a variety of different symptoms from an autoimmune condition for different people, there are also plenty of experiences that are shared as people with a rare disease.

We’re glad to be able to relate and help share some insight from the patient’s perspective for any questions or topics you’d like to discuss. If you’d like, why don’t you let us know a bit about yourself to make introductions? How have you been lately? I saw from your profile that you’re a teacher and a mom – has your school district been transitioning to in-person lessons or have you been doing remote learning?

Hope to hear from you, and welcome again to the sjogren’s syndrome patient support board!