Help for agonising leg pain?

I am feeling pretty rough tonight. Woke up this morning to agonising pain in my big toe on my right foot. So bad I could hardly walk. I did some googling and thought possibly gout but it is not hot or red, although it is a bit swollen. I had not bashed it on anything so no reason for it to be hurting. The last few weeks my knee on my left leg has been hurting alot too. Then tonight my entire legs have been aching so badly. I took nurofen plus hoping it would help but it hasn’t. I had a hot bath and that helped while I was i there but now they hurt again. I don’t know what to do. I have appointments set up over the next two months with the Rheumatologist, the Cardiologist, the Neurologist and the Gastroenterologist to try to figure out what is happening to my body. I am frightened. I am 42 but feel like I am 92.

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Also feeling 90 plus :frowning: … I have lots of symptoms have just brought the chemist out I should have shares in the place. Seeing a Rhumatologist GP in 4 weeks plus can’t wait. Bloods done this Friday. Feeling so warn out… All the time… I am had sudden pain in my foot with no injury it was soo sore. Funny thing was a big bruise came out today over a blood vessel. Is this similar to yours ??? I did read that hot baths don’t help something to do with changing body temperature for SS is not good for you. But don’t know how true this is ?? I am also looking for good pain relief…