I am writing today because I hurt. Just plain hurt! My shoulders hurt, my hips, my ankles, my finger joints. My ankles are swollen, my hands are puffy and the Lasix & Aldactone aren't getting rid of the fluid the way they should.

I lost a lot of respect for my Rheumy my last visit when he told me I have CREST without the toothpaste. (HUH???) He said the best way to get rid of the fluid is to go swimming in a pool. Nice; if I had a pool I'd be happy to get in one. Unfortunately, I can't afford the cost of a pool and the local pool is still getting final approval of some kind, so I can't swim there yet & even if I could, I have no idea what the cost would be. We live in the desert and it's been over 100 degrees for the past few days now so the swelling, dryness and pain are probably related to the heat, but I'd really appreciate it if I could just stop hurting.

It interferes with my sleep, my life & my libido. Honesty, right? I hate not being able to do things with my partner because I'm either too tired, hurting too badly or vomiting for no reason. Dr. Oz says on his program all the time that sex is the best thing to keep young. Well, Dr. Oz, I'm going to be old before my time because having sex is nearly impossible anymore. It's depressing to think of it.

Well, thanks to anyone who reads this. I didn't mean to sound so pitiful, lol...I just read this back and I'm really being a baby tonight!

It'll be better tomorrow...that is my mantra these days, because I can't imagine it being worse.

I hope that as the sun goes down you will feel a little bit better.

The pain I experience is not really severe so I’m no help there …but I do have considerable swelling. Some things that have helped me include trying maintain a low sodium and anti-inflammatory diet, figuring out what I am allergic to (latex, mangoes!), staying cool (tepid showers help), and elevating my legs (my worse area) WAY above my heart for long periods. Some simple yoga type exercises you can do at home can also help. Maintaining good sleep habits helps me, too.

Take care & try not be too hard on yourself for needing to vent!

sending you positive thoughts. hope it gets better.


What's the reason for using cool water instead of hot? I've never heard of a cool salt bath.

MrsCrary said:

Sounds a lot like my day yesterday. Reminds me of that episode of Star Trek where Spok is attempting to mind-meld with a silicone based life form that looks a lot like a spaghetti meatball dish and shouts in agony "AAARGH! PAIN! Pain! Pain!" (as seen in this remix ). As far as the other, my loving husband massaged my aching hip joints for me at which point I was finally in a reduced amount of pain enough to sleep.... but he wasn't! Poor dear. He puts up with so much.

As far as the pool suggestion, my doc advised a cool (not shivery cool, but as cool as can be comfortably tolerated) bath with epsom salts. I personally hate baths, but with a show on the Kindle Fire or audio-book on my phone with the sleep timer set I can usually tough it out for the full half-hour. I'm usually more of a sit under a blazing hot shower type myself.

Hope today finds you better!


Mrs. Crary

Interesting, thanks.