Yesterday - Shopping

I felt so overwhelmed and it was so hard to concentrate on keeping up with my Mom, who wanders and with making sure she got everything she needed and I needed for the month.

I was in pain the entire day, didn't finish our shopping until around 5pm. Started late because my brother didn't get there until 12. We had dinner, which was nice and then I just got home, put everything away and went to bed.

My hip acted up, the numbness and pain in my thighs acted up and I was rubbing with Two Goats to help ease the pain. It really works. It's an all natural rub for arthritis and other things. They have their own site, but I brought mine from Amazon. It helped the swelling of my knees too.

No Ultracet until Tuesday night, so I'm resting and hoping that I can take the crap my body duels out today.

Very tired. Just very, very tired.

Hi Roulette, sounds like you overdid it! It can happen, especially if you are on other people's schedule! Hope you got rested up. I've never tried Two goats, but the people on the fibromyalgia site have raved about it.

For me, I use Sportscreme, Lidoderm patches, or Ethel Chloride spray.

BTW, my mom broke her hip about a year or two ago, and I insisted she get a walker with wheels, this particular one has a seat, if we go shopping, I make her take it. I know you're young and probably don't want anything to do with one, but sometimes you just have to sit down, and it's perfect!

Something to think about...