My knees

They are so stiff and swollen in the morning. I need some relief. I've been looking at concerts I would love to see this summer. But know I can't, because they have no seats and I can't bend to the ground to sit.

It's discouraging. I am hoping I am doing better later, but those days of sitting in the grass are over. :(

Very tired, as usual, what's new. my hip hurts now. Walked to the store and my mom's today. Exhausted.

Life goes on.

Hi Roulette,

I certainly can relate to the hip problems, it's amazing that my knees are still pretty good. My back and core are in bad shape, I just had to bend down to look for a little tiny baby sock in a dryer full of clothes, I got down in my knees, and I could not get up! Had to holler for help, my 17 month granddaughter was right beside me, laughing at me! ha!

The only suggestion I have to make it possible to attend this type of 'on the grass concert' is a wheel chair. I know this is NOT what you want to be doing, but it's a way to get you though crowds safely and insure that you have the right seat that you can get in and out of without being stranded!

Have they ever determined what type of arthritis you have?

Roulette 67

Definitely do not walk to the store anymore! My market is just across the street and I take the car.

There is a walker called the "Drive Nitro Rollator." It's very sturdy with larger wheels and is almost tilt proof, not like those dangerous tubular walkers. It's all terrain, mostly. Has breaks that work. A storage basket and a comfortable seat. It folds in half easily. I have one and it's great. Purchased from Amazon. It's amazing.

My legs are painful due to 3 compression fractures on my spine which limits how long I can tolerate walking. I've had this all along and got away with no pain, but the nerves have become more compressed by the fractures. I can relate to what's making you so uncomfortable and have so much pain.

See if the walker is for you. CVS has them on display if you live in the US.

You got to hold on.

I have severe arthritis in the lower back with flare ups making it extremely,painful. I have found a phisiotherapist who massages me twice week. She has also given me simple exercises to do sitting on the bed or lying on it. If I dont do these every day, my back becomes stiff and immovable, with the exercises there is a massive improvement. It will never go away, but it does become bearable and I can walk and do things far easier. My hips are also becoming very painful, but again by doing these simple exercises on the bed is really helping. I really hope you findsome help. Good luck.

I am having the same issues plus balance issues too I hope you get some relief soon

This whole experience with the knees can really make you feel depressed. I can't imagine going to a concert in a wheel chair at my age. Especially since I can walk some distances. My favorite band is coming to NY this summer and I'm tempted to get a Rollator, just so I can see them on the pier. I have to do something to get back into life again. Thanks for the responses and the links. It gives me a lot to think about.

Roulette, I got my mom this when she broke her hip, it has some great features, especially the small seat and the compartment under it! It may be a better answer than a wheel chair, I know I don't want to imagine you using a wheel chair either, but there are some new ones that are almost like a lawn chair on wheels, and you can push them, they are very light weight, I'll see if I can find one. I have seen them in other colors too in the type of store that specializes in them. Not to offend, but they will be much more comfortable to sit in for any length of time! Just thinking out loud, for you! IT may be a good idea to visit one of the specialty stores and check all of this stuff out, see what your best option will be, I was amazed at all of the new gear they have now!

Hope you get to go and have a BALL!

I agree it is very depressing. I’ve had to use a cane now for the past 4 months and I can’t chase my kids around anymore and I’m only 35 it kind of scares me about what the future is going to bring. I hope you find something that can bring you some relief

my RA doesn't believe my pain comes from my SS. But she's also waiting to look at my x-rays. I had to take the bus today and walk a bit. I got to my primaries office and she added some more pain relievers, temporarily. I gained 5 lbs. Off of WHAT? So I'm really gonna watch my food and take very short walks twice a week. That's all I can do now. Adding Plaquenil tomorrow, just got it this afternoon. Thanks everyone.