I hope this helps me somewhat

Dr. added generic oxy for a while. On top of the Tramadol. Tired of popping extra tylenol. Hoping Plaquenil will help. I know I am on A LOT of meds for different things, the thyroid, the bipolar, the anxiety and now these two, but I'm being watched carefully. And I am always wary and in touch with what I'm taking etc.

Hopefully, you are getting some sunshine and spring flowers along with the meds, Roulette.

Hi Roulette,

Taking too much Tylenol or any NSAID is not a good idea, it's extremely hard on the liver and kidneys. Those daily limits on the bottle are for real! Believe me, I have been given the talk by my Internist and my Rheumatologist. Of course that is the med that most helps the bone and joint pain of arthritis for me. I have also been prescribed Morphine, and also take it very carefully, and as rarely as I possibly can.

My liver and kidneys are monitored constantly by blood tests, not for a biologic, (presently Humira) not for Lyrica or Morphine, but for anti-inflammatories like Tylenol. My Rheum told me that though it is not addictive, the Tylenol type med I take (Daypro) is the most dangerous med I take! I was stunned, until I really started to dig around on the internet about this.

I really do hope it helps the pain, I understand it, I too live with it every single minute of every single day!

I too wish you sunshine and flowers and that concert you are hoping for!

Stay strong to be as well as you can be!