I want a new drug!


So, I want a new drug that won't leave me open to constant infections, that calms these aching, eaten up joints and bones!

How about you, anyone here want a new drug?

What have you been taking that isn’t working for you? How long have you been taking it?

I am looking for that drug also. I have tried the first line drugs with no success. Cymbalta, Lyrica, Plaquenil, and now prednisone. None have calmed down the major flare I have been living in for the last year and a half. I go in next month to see my new rheumy with results of the prednisone. It is sad when I am hoping to be put on Methotrexate.

Well, it took a few tries, but what I have now works. Celebrex 200mg x2 daily, Cymbalta 60mg once daily, Evoxac 30mg 2x's daily, methotrexate 15mg weekly and Enbrel injection once a week. My immune system is pretty tough, in 4-5 years I've only had bronchitis twice and thrush a few weeks ago. I get lab work (CBC, CRP and metabolic panel) every 6 weeks. These meds help with both the Sjogrens and Psoriatic Arthritis...so far so good!

Sometimes you have to give meds time and be patient. I wish it happened instantaneously as I'm sure everyone does! Keep researching and maybe have some suggestions for your next doctor appointment.

Sulfasalazine-stomach ulcer, before 3 months

Methotrexate-thrush and bliisters inside my mouth, tongue, throat, and probably 50 blisters on my lips, and around my mouth- before 3 months

Enbrel-recurrent infections, crushing exhaustion, going from the bed to the couch...after 2 years told I cannot go back on a biologic again.

Cannot tolerate Prednisone!

Next Possibility is Plaquenil, IF cleared by the eye specialist!

Daypro and Lyrica still somewhat, sometimes work for joint/bone and nerve pain.

For intractable pain, Morphine and Ethyl Chloride spray still somewhat work, but I hate to take opiates!

Hey shanni! I wish I could get you that drug as a present!

Have a very happy birthday today!