Hi I was Just diagnosed

Any tips to help elevate symptoms or make myself comfortable would be appreciated.

Would you mind sharing what is bothering you most? If there is something specific you may be able to get more directed ideas. You can also do a search using the little magnifying glass on the top right.

Adjusting to steroid treatment. Having weird ass sleep schedule due to it. my eyes are really bothering me. Dry cough symptoms. The random neuropathy pains. Muscle cramping etc.

I would encourage you to talk to your rheumatologist and if you don’t have one, get one. You will likely want to have an eye doctor as well

Some of the symptoms can be managed one by one, but you may want to ask about systemic treatment. Steroids are fine short term, but shouldn’t be used at amounts greater than (i think) 10mg a day without the risk of long term effects.

I’ve been using Evoxac for many years for the dry mouth, and it’s been a real life saver. Some people do better with pilocarpine.

The dry cough. . . I ignored it for quite some time but I would encourage you to get it checked out. Ultimately I wound up being diagnosed with asthma at around forty years old. But regardless of what it is for you, it is better to know sooner rather than later.