New to this condition

Thanks for accepting me to your support group and I need support. I am a 79 year old lady who has been fighting symptoms for the past 12 years. None of my dr’s put two and two together until recently when I had to get a new Dr. Bl tests/symptoms led to his diagnosis. I just went through a bout of bronchitis/chest congestion. Had eye infection and and urinary inf in the past 3 mos. So far he is treating symptoms as they come but I am wondering if I should go on plaquenil or methotrex. I see him this coming week. What is the main thing I should ask him about. Thanks again.


How are you treating symptoms? I use Restasis drops daily, as well as an eye lubricant at night. I also take Evoxac, which made a huge difference for my in how I slept and just generally existed, as it increases saliva production. I have another autoimmune condition as well, so take disease modifying meds for that. I started off on Plaquenil and personally found it very tolerable. It worked well for a few years before anything had to be added to it. Methotrexate is a “stronger” drug, but can also have more side effects and risks, including frequent infection. It didn’t do much for me, but it can be a real game changer for some people.

Treating the symptoms _may_be all that is needed. I would start off there. It doesn’t hurt to discuss more systemic options such as plaquenil, but I would personally start off by just addressing the symptoms.

My regular dr said for now to treat symptoms. I have found a new trick for my dry mouth, esp in the morning when its worst. I brush my teeth with Biotene toothpaste. Then put some biotene mouthwash in my water pic tank. I use the water pic to complete rinse my mouth . The water pic makes the difference I think.
I don’t want to get into those hardline drugs if I don’t have to but the bout I had with severe bronchitis/chest congestion is making me wonder if I should ask about them. Thanks for your answer.