Hi Naomi, how are you doing?

Hi there @naodee , and welcome to the Sjogren’s Syndrome patient support board. How have you been feeling lately? After years of experiencing symptoms before finally being able to put a name to things, it must have been quite a year for you.

We’re here to help with any questions you might have about Sjogren’s (the ones your doctor can’t answer, like patient experiences). Please feel free to start a topic or read through the most recent discussions to check in! We’re not all about venting about being sick and do love to hear just how you’ve been doing in general (although there’s the emotional support channel if you do need to vent or get something off your chest, we’re here to listen to those experiences too).

Hope things haven’t been too difficult lately with all of the craziness leftover from 2020. Looking forward to hearing more about you, and welcome again to the Sjogren’s patient board!