Hydroxychloroquine advice

Hello everyone,

I’m new here and just recently diagnosed with sjogren’s 2 weeks ago. I started the plaquenil same day and will hopefully be feeling better soon. I’ve been suffering for 5 months with crazy fatigue, joint pain, dry mouth, eyes & sinuses. This whole experience has been overwhelming. It’s the middle of summer & I am to tired to take my kids anywhere.

It’s been hard on my whole family since I spent most of the time in bed. I stopped working to figure out what’s going on with my health. I keep reading posts on the plaquenil helping fatigue and I can only pray this medicine kicks in and works for me. The fatigue is the worst and it makes me nervous to think I’d have to spend almost all year trying to recover…

Thanks for reading any advice or comments appreciated.

I took it for over a year. It didn’t help. I know people it has helped. The doctor at Emory said it really helps or it does nothing.

I hate that but I guess that’s how it goes with any drug. They either help or they don’t. What treatment has helped you find relief? My Dr just prescribed that and said she’ll see how I’m doing in 8 weeks…