IGg3 deficient

Because if the frequent sinus infections, special low immunity testing was done. Tests came back today. There seems to be four major categories of IGg1-4 I’m low in IGg3 and it can cause sinus infections and related problems like bronchitis.
Now I’m to do a challenge. They give me a pneumonia shot and if I don’t build any anti bodies to pneumonia, then I might have to take gamma globulin shots!
I read an in line article about such a woman who btw also was having bladder infections, as I am having. The sinusitis reminds me if mad SS.
I see the doc next week. Can a pneumonia shot hurt someone with SS?
I’m profoundly upset. It’s too much at this point; struggling to gather strength.

Dear Nomad,

Chances are I would test the same way. I've gotten the croup since birth. Every time I have allergies it turns into sinusitis, bronchitis, and just finished up (hopefully) with the UTIs!

What kind of Dr did these tests? I should have the pneumonia shot too, but always have bronchitis when the shots come out, so they will not give it then!

Sometimes I just cant win, but hope you can!

Not sure you can follow all of this, but I think you may do better than I have, they lost me early on. Here is some info from NIH