Been in hospital on life support for 11 days, went to the general ward I had pheumonia, complicated by SS and asthma

, I had to call an ambulance in the early hours of the morning, and ended up on life support, due to complications of SS and asthma and pheumonia, I had been to the doctor, a few times but the anti biotics were not working, In the hospital my husband was told that I may not be coming home, They tried to wean me off life support 4 days later, but it didn"T work, so 7 days later, I did not get my flu injection, or injection for pheumonia, despite being advised to do so months ago on this forum, yesterday I got the flu injection, and next week I have booked in for the pheumonia injection, I have had SS now for over 20 years, and its effects are being felt, my asthma is now gone at the moment, and I am at home recovering, just a reminding for everyone to get the flu shots and pheumonia shots

Dear exj,

So sorry things were so critical for you! I'm so glad you went in when you did! I know none of us enjoy going to the ER or being admitted, but sometimes it's the only way!

Now that I am no longer allowed to take Enbrel, I am planning to get both shots, and hoping this will be the year that I am not already sick by the time the shots come round! Seems they need to get them out a month or 2 earlier for me!

Please take good care of yourself and give yourself plenty of time to come out of this slowly!

We're all pulling for you, girlfriend!

Wishing you well,


Speechless reading this. Glad you're home.

Surrounding you and your family with love and prayers.


OMG! Thank goodness you are better. I’m getting the pneumonia shot in August in part to test my immunity. But also for whatever protection it can give me. I’ll find out when I can get the flu shot . Thank you for the warning.
Wishing you well.

I hope you are feeling better !! It hits me more during the winter months a cold will turn into sinus and bronchitis right then I know I am in trouble and immediately have to go to my lung doctor my shogrens will attack my lungs which has been diagnosed as Polymyositis if not taken care of with the right antibiotics over time will cause lung scaring. I have and keep home oxygen for flare ups I sincerely know what you are going through! The only antibiotic that will work within 3 days is Levequin. You are not alone I can get up to 3 or 4 flareups a year and is serious one time my oxygen level went down to 60 . Anytime you need to talk I an here and will be praying for you!!

Wishing you the very best with your recovery.

I just now saw your post. Oh my goodness….so sorry to hear. That must had been incredibly scary for all of you. I am glad you are doing better. Thank you for touching base with the reminder as well.