To Been in the Hospital


I am so happy that you are pulling through the ordeal. It's really scary when your health effects your breathing and lungs.

Well, what can one say! You have had SS for 20 years . Most of us are new to SS. Thanks for the warning about getting

flu and pneu vaccines. Never occured to me.

I always get so upset when something new happens to my health due to SS. I get so upset that I cannot eat.

Every time I get a flare up I go to the rheu. He always say that I am going to live to my late 80's. He is really nice and


Hope you have some great rest at home. Flowers are always cheery. Seeing friends make me forget about my health.

Try to AKM--always keep moving!!!


Hi my name is Anna.I hope you are feeling better now

Could you please tell what exactly happened to you .You see I have breathing problems and I m interested in learning..Yes i have Ss,