Just keep breathing

I'm on my way to the ER because my pulmonologist told me to "hie thee hither."....Chances are good (or bad depending on your point of view) that I will be admitted. They will have to determine if the meds I'm taking for AI disease is the cause of the problem...or maybe the disease itself...or maybe it's just asthma. I want to cry

Dear Qadosh,

Yes, just breathe! Relax and breathe! Oh so very sorry to hear this, my friend, I'm sure that the pollen in the air is not helping anything! Look at it this way, you are going to be looked over by some very bright Doctors and nurses, who will know exactly what they need to do. They never keep you in ER or admitted for long, so don't make yourself worse with worry!

I'll keep a look out to hear from you. Please take very good care of yourself!

Wishing you well,


Hang in there! We'll all be thinking good thoughts for you. I'm sure you'll feel better once you are with the doctors and in good hands.

We'll be thinking good healing thoughts for you, Quadosh! I hope the find the cause quickly, and you can be better.

Some times going to the hospital can be a blessing. Maybe they can get a grip on your AI. Also, you get off your feet. Not that you get rest, but you do get off your feet.

Sounds like you need a little practice at resting! I have learned many of these things on my journey! Please take good care of yourself! We are all concerned!

Oh no! It’s always better to go and rule things out. I have had my share of ER visits since my diagnosis and I know how anxiety producing it is. I agree with SK. Let them rule things out.

On my last visit they had no rooms and I was on a stretcher in the hall. The good part is that you are always “in their face” and you get lots of attention and get out faster. Maybe you"ll get lucky and your stay will be short.

Sending hugs of support your way.

Sending hugs to you keep us posted

Hope you are breathing well and sleeping peacefully!

Thank you all for the kind thoughts. I was admitted.I am not sure how long I will be here.My pulmonologist tends to protracted stays...often a week or two. I don't know if it will be that long this time.Ihope he comes to see me today...however he was not going tobe in his office today so may not do rounds either.

From my bed I see a row of GREEN treetops and blue sky with cirrus clouds. Very pretty. It's been so long since I've seen green trees. Where I live (in the PA mountains) the trees are just starting to come out....but here they are full.

I have to getblood drawn so will close.

Morning Q,

Sounds like you have a lovely view, that is a big plus, usually I look at something industrial or exhausts coming out of the roof when I've been in! HA! You got lucky there!

Hope your Doc can get you rested, and healed. Lying in bed will not help the PsA, I know, I have it too, also the Spondylitis type, so unless you are restricted, keep walking so you don't 'lock up'! Good to know you have an iphone or ipad with you, that will help combat boredom! Looks like we're going to all become better friends now that you're being made to rest!

I'm having a typical night of broken sleep, I passed out on the couch about 9 pm, up around 2, and now ready to go crash again! I would have been asleep earlier, but someone's house caught on fire across and up the road. My husband was keeping an eye on things, was going to go over, but then most of the trucks left, so sounds like they caught it in time, can't really see for the trees.

The hard winter killed so many of our flowering bushes, my husband just pushed them out with the tractor, and burned them, as we were concerned about fires! Hopefully 7 will be all, there are maybe 6 more in question, and they are right up against the house. Always something, you know? Not even sure what we'll replace them with, I have never known the butterfly bushes to die out over winter, so we need something hardier, are considering lilacs or mock oranges.

Alright girlfriend, you behave yourself and get better, we'll be around to keep you company, and if you need some reading material, there's plenty here on these pages, and plenty of us in the group!

Wishing you well,


Qodosh I am so sorry to hear you had to be admitted. I hope your stay is short. BTW what is PSA?

SK sorry to hear you had a rough night I hope you get some rest today.

I have to get to see my primary today. They had no appointments at all yesterday. I’m having some lung issues right now myself. Hope that it’s something that he can treat and send me home.

Yes we had a very hard winter also. I LOVE lilac bushes.I would love to plant one in my yard...where the deer can't get them.

I just bought only about 6 plants...for my deck container garden...2 tomatoes (1cherry, 1BigBoy) oregano x2 and thyme....they desperately need to be put into the pots...Just yesterday I bought the garden soil and peat moss to plant them....but then ended up coming here. My daughter told me she would take care of potting them for me. HOnestly I don't know that they will survive...also I have a BUNCH of leaf greens and lettuces.

It's hard to let yet another thing go in my life. Every year I say "this is my last year for gardening" I used to have a very very large herb and veggie garden. Now I can't even manage a hand full of plants. so sad. But this year really will be my last year.

My breakfast is 20 minutes late. GRRRRr I want my coffee! Thanks for keeping me company here. I really want them to investigate as to whether my breathing problems aredue to the diseases, the meds or asthma...How would they know that? Would a CT scan show it?

have a good morning.


I am so glad you can see the tree tops it makes things so much better when we can enjoy the small things. Hopfully they can get you straightend out soon and you can return home. Keep us posted.

hi Cassi

PsA is Psoriatic arthritis...like having RA but with psoriasis added into the mix. Generally PsA is less destructive than RA unless you happen to get the symmetrical kind like I have...where both sides of the body are attacked like RA. this has been very destructive to my hands in particular and now my feet are bad also I've already had both hips replaced...my left one was done 3X due to dislocations occurring. My shoulder was replaced three months ago and it is doing pretty well although still sore when Imove it certain ways.

I hope your MD visit goes well and you get some answers.It's awful not being able to breathe isn't it?

Ihope you have a good day.


Cassi440 said:

Qodosh I am so sorry to hear you had to be admitted. I hope your stay is short. BTW what is PSA?

SK sorry to hear you had a rough night I hope you get some rest today.

I have to get to see my primary today. They had no appointments at all yesterday. I'm having some lung issues right now myself. Hope that it's something that he can treat and send me home.

Thank you PurpleFlower...I hope it is short also. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

purplebutterfly said:

I am so glad you can see the tree tops it makes things so much better when we can enjoy the small things. Hopfully they can get you straightend out soon and you can return home. Keep us posted.

We've all been thinking good thoughts for you. Are you at least starting to feel some relief from the initial symptoms?

Glad you have the bright spot to focus on!

I am not too bad off if I sit/lie still with my O2 on....If I move around at all I get completely winded. I needed an emergency breathing treatment after I washed up and changed my gown. My pulmonologist/GP was here this morning. He said I've gotten in to a bad rut with my breathing and we need to break it because it is just worsening as time goes on. He said I will be here for "awhile" ....He never likes to let me leave before 7 or 8 days. I have not yet been hit by the steroid side effects...except my eyes are goign blurry lke they always do...it makes it so frustrating to not be able to read.I have my Kindle so can enlarge the print to an extent. I do not do well writing email on my kindle because the letters all look doubled to me....I can't see what I'm doing at all. I had an eye doc appointment for Friday...will have to reschedule that. ..Thanks for the note....good to know you are all "out there" .

My sunshine has faded...rain is coming. Oh well, at least I don't have to go out in the rain or worry about bad storms...this medical center was built to withstand earthquakes.

Hope you are all enjoying your day today as much as possible.

Hi Cynthia,

Yes rain is coming here too, the barometric pressure has dropped and my internet is down, but my phone still works. It’ hard to hit these little keys even though my hands are not as affected by the PsA as my back. Don’ t know if the net is down from storm, from the cyber attacks, or the fire across the road last night.

We have the critter factor here too, not too many deer, but skunks, raccoons, groundhogs, chipmunks. I know that most are cute, but can eat up your fruits, veggies, make huge messes, and dig holes I fall into!

Yes, seems every possible senerio needs to be considered when something important is being planned and built these days! We’re on a fault line here too! Perhaps we all are close enough to one to be concerned.

I still have a sick kid here, actually the sickness has passed the chickenpox remain. He did not get them bad, but is carrying the virus. Most likely got them at school. My mom and I have had them. Husband never has, doesn’t think he was ever vaccinated! So far so good on that!

Ah, wash DC tornado warnings announced so we’ll probably get some kind of blast. We’re about 70 miles west. We have a creepy little room in the basement under the concrete front porch. To head to if needed. I know that sounds sensational but gotta have a place, a plan! We have the grand kids here often so…

You have surely been through it with joint replacements! Glad it’s made a difference for the better. My right hip is on the horizon.

As you well know, the sleep problem is actually a pain problem. I’ve had a week of having no good position to be in. May need to hang like a bat for some shut eye! Ah ha ha! Hope the ceiling would hold me!

More later. We’ll keep you busy, girlfriend. Just get better!

Best to you,

Susan aka SK

Glad you are catching that early, Cassi. Hope all is well very soon.