The long and winding road

Hi everyone, I haven't been around lately - lots going on for me down here in the land of Under in spring time.

I became so unwell I had to resign my position, so I am officially resting now (LOL). Been in and out of hospital which I feel is all related to general inflammation. Three weeks ago it was acute diverticulitis which is still playing up and keeping me house bound. A week ago it was a very severe Asthma attack wich scared the heck out of me, it was was my worst attack ever, and it took three days to settle down to the point where they would let me out of bed and off the nebs and oxygen.

I go back in to hospital for gut biopsies next week as it needs investigation both from the CT's and subjectively. My innards sound like a freight train most of the time and I have to stay close to home - as one never knows when one may need to run...quickly. Sad but true.

My skin has settled down with the rashes thanks to some heavy duty cortisone cream and changing off all soaps to pinetarsol only, I've found a hypoallergenic moisturiser which seems to be doing well (Udder cream for cows). Marketted here as 'Udderly smooth' cream. Eyes are not improving, the Red Cross refused at this stage to allow me to get Serum Eye Drops because of the diverticulitis - translocated bacteria from the gut to blood stream are apparently one of the risks, so it's not safe right now. So just continuing on with usual kinds and the artificial saliva.

Energy levels are still pretty poor, I can't do much and it's been terribly hot here. A record spring with more heat to come and the UV index has been in the extreme range, so I am just staying indoors all day. Keeping my spirits up as much as possible - reading when I can, napping a LOT. the dishes and I have reached a mexican standoff. The laundry and I are still on talking terms but it's hostile. LOL.

Hope you are all hanging in there - I think of you often, but lack motivation to ....well.... do pretty much anything at the moment.


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I'm sorry to hear about all these developments, Tog. We have missed you and hoped you were out having fun adventures. I know with your strength of spirit you will rally and make the best of your situation. Napping sounds like a good strategy right now.

Hi Tog

Dishes and laundry are always having a standoff with me too. You would think they could behave. I also have alot of trouble with asthma during the spring{ its winter here now} I hope you feel better soon. Keep us updated on the doctors and test. Rest as much as possible.

Hey Tog,

I've been wondering about you! I was hoping that a tall, handsome, rich, interested man had come into your life and swept you off your feet, but I see from the photo, that didn't happen!

Yes, I have those same deals with the laundry, dishes, and vacuum cleaner! At least your winning sense of humor is still in tact through all of this challenge!

Take good care and keep the chin up! We're still around when you feel like dropping in!

Miss you!

Phew. Glad I'm not the only one with laundry and vacuum cleaner issues.The dishes not so bad. But the other two. I get serious fatigue and back pain. Also, bathing my big dog (50lbs) is difficult as well. He squirms and barthing him exhausts me. My fu fu is easier--little.

Tog, keep the faith. All that stuff happening takes it's toll--as I know. But,we still have positivity, faith and hope. Things I have to keep reminding myself about.

You got to hold on.

I have some good news on the laundry and vacuum cleaner challenge!

My granddaughter's husband vacuumed and scrubbed my floors and they did their laundry at their parents instead of bringing it here! Now that is something to celebrate! They went home a little while ago, but I'm still spinning from the whirlwind they create!

Wow! Total awesomeness

How are you feeling are you well?