Flu Vaccine?

Was wondering who was planning on getting the flu vaccine this year. I know that I absolutely should not get a live vaccine or mist, but have heard stories of others getting sick from inactivated vaccines as well.

I'm particularly interested because I'm certain that it was last year's flu (I never bothered with a flu vaccine) that triggered my SS symptoms as well as Guillan Barre in my youngest daughter and I wouldn't want to repeat THAT cycle again. I don't seem to be getting definitive responses from our doctors and end up with a discussion about risk vs benefit.

Would be grateful for any or all insight.


My entire family gets the flu shot every year. I get mine first, in part because my son gets the flu mist nasal spray, which does contain live virus.

I can not take the flu shot due to allergies. Most doctors I have meet will tell you the pros and cons instead of just telling you one way or the other. I hope if you decide to have the family vaccinated you all do well. I had the flu last year and it was horrible.

I only missed the flu shot once and I was so ill I thought I would never recover. I have not missed since then. My son also gets one in order to protect me more than anything else.
Everything I have read indicates that you can’t get sick from the dead virus in the vaccine. Of course if you are allergic to the other ingredients that is different.

Good luck with your decision.

I called and had the nurse ask if I was a candidate for flu and pneumonia shot, and it's a go, since I am not taking Enbrel. This will be a first for me. My husband and I had the flu for months last winter, it was terrible to get over!

Hope to get there Friday, taking mom along for hers.

I personally will never get the flu vaccine nor will I allow my children to have it. I would urge caution especially for your child who experienced GB. Here’s a video that a friend of mine posted. Please do more research before making this decision.


I have asthma also so I always get it. I should point out that I only get it at my asthma/allergy doc because he gives the newer one that is only skin deep instead of injected into the muscle. You can get a little red and itchy at the skin level but there is no other real reaction to it. He says its safer.

I am so distraught over this. Most of my doctors say, yes, get the flu shot. One of my doctors, however, says not to get it, since it contains aluminum and other harmful ingredients that may be particularly harmful for someone with an AI. Also, there is talk that a few people have gotten ALS from it recently, but my GP tells me that almost every year there is a weird rumor associated with the flu shot. Any of our science based SS folks care to comment? This decision is really bothering me! (bTW, if you google flu shot and ALS, you can see some of the ALS talk)

My Mom and I got the flu shot Friday, got the flu on Saturday! ha! Always just one more thing!

Did you get the flu or your mom, SK? Frightening.
Knock on wood, crossing myself and lighting a candle…I was getting many sinus infections, but that has GREATLY reduced.

I’m washing my hands very frequently. Before I eat and whenever I do anything concerning, like use a shopping cart.

I have little hand Wipees in my purse and use them often.

And I wash with soap and water often.

I now take extra vitamin c daily, and lots of other vitamins including extra vitamin D and QBC tablets (has Quercitin in it)

If I’m around children or anyone with a cold, I also take zinc and something called Umcka. Might not have that spelled right. It has Indian origins. It is used to shorten the duration of colds, but I’m using it preventively.

If my sinuses are clogged, I rinse them with a mix I buy and distilled water

I gargle with baking soda and water at the slightest sign of any little thing.

All this is helping…knock on wood.

It is helping with colds and sinus and I pray it might prevent the flu.

I’ve been diligent.

Prayers and fingers crossed.

I have been doing some research about how people actually get SS and other auto disorders..... There was one theory that this woman had put out the vaccinations we all get as children has something to do with it.....When people are given these vaccinations majority are fine,,, but some people have a reaction to them years later when a very strong virus enters our system... I did get glandula fever when I was 14 but believe I have had SS since I was about 18 as I had a lot of the symptoms then.... But diagnosed at 31, and now 51, the woman that made all those theories ended up being murdered.. there are many theories out there Because I had been extremely unwell the last year I actually had my first flu shot and phumonia shot this year but it is something to think about

I think the big question there is are the percentage of people with the vaccine that got SS the same percentage as without? Rumors come out every year about shots. While I know full well that we sometimes find things out after the fact, it also seems that for all of the theories there has been very little solid research to back them up. We all have to talk with out doc and make our own decisions but I try to avoid fear factors when doing so.

Thanks all for your replies.

I’ve decided that everyone in the family except my daughter who is still recovering from Guillain barre will get the flu shot this year. There is a proven connection between the flu shot and Guillain barre and we know it was the flu and a respiratory infection which kick-started the disease in her to begin with. So the rest of us who deal with autoimmune issues in the family will take our chances with the after-effects of the vaccine in order to do everything we can to protect her.