Shingles Vaccine caused a flare up

I had my first Shingles shot and had a terrible reaction. It caused my Sjogrens to go into a bad flare. I am not looking forward to the booster shot in 2 months. Has anyone had a reaction to the vaccine that caused a flare? If so, was the booster the same? I just need to prepare myself.

Hi Janette and welcome! The shingles shot is on my list of questions for my rheumy next time I see her. I’ll be fifty this summer and I think that makes me eligible.

Can you have a talk with your doctor about this? I’m guessing your go recommended this, but you may want to have a talk with your rheumatologist if you have one.

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After having shingles three times, my general doctor suggested it at my annual check up. I did not even think about asking my rheumatologist, which I do have. I was excited not to have to worry about getting shingles again. In hindsight, I should’ve contacted my rheumatologist first. I have had shingles three times between the ages of 49 and 52. I see my rheumatologist once every three months and plan to ask her about it

That’s just miserable. One of my friends had shingles multiple times as well. Every time it’s just awful for her.