Moderna vaccine flare

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone had the Moderna vaccines and a flare? I had my second dose last Wednesday. I had the predicted 24 hours of hell. And then got a bit better, but having a lot of other issues that seem to possibly be a flare.


Hey Clarky! Seenie here from ModSupport. I had my second dose of Moderna a month ago, and it set off the flare from hell, my first flare in 7 years. (I went to my rheum and that’s what she said it was.) I’m still flaring, and the next step is prednisone to put the fire out.

This isn’t fun, but the flare is still better than getting full-blown Covid. By a long way!

I couldn’t agree with you more Seenie! When I had covid last year it set me down a bad path, disease wise. I wound up on prednisone for months and then switched biologics. I didn’t have any issues with the covid vaccines other than fatigue for 24 hours, but we’re definitely seeing some people having flares.