Wondering what others take when they have flare ups

Been thru two major flare ups in the past six months. I was on Ultracet and Oxycodone for the first one, but the Ultracet messes with my other meds and I feel better without it.

So now I'm just on a dose of Oxy 2 - 3 times daily. I've been doing well with 2 doses.

But I know when the flare up comes, I will need something more than just the Oxy and some Tylenol.

What could I suggest to my doctor as a PRN for those times?

Thanks ahead of time for your responses.


My rhuemy is one that goes for treating the underlying cause, not the symptom so he goes to a short round of steroids first. I haven't taken any painkillers at all and some of the flair-ups have been bad. The current course of attack has been working. When I am dealing with a flair that is a little more minor I do ok with Aleve. Well, I did.... LOL. My neuro won't let me have anything that thins the blood for now (I had a microbleed on the brain). I am a little nervous about what I can do since my front line of attack has been taken away. I'll keep you posted if you'd like.