Flare ups and confusion

I've been having flare ups and its been pretty hard. I have to take OXY once a day. So constipation creeps in, jeez. Some mornings are pretty bad, its like my whole body is against me.

no joint pain, just muscular now. my hips, my knees and my wrists. I need a nap or two a day. I can do just one thing a day and then I am exhausted.

Today is not a good day. I don't know how to process this or how to get done what needs to be done without feeling like just quitting.

I need to do the floors tomorrow. I hope I get it done. The apartment isn't filthy, which is good. Dishes are washed etc. I just need to sweep and steam mop the floors.

After that, I don't know. Today I slept, and did my hair and zoned. The pain comes and goes, but the pills keep most of the stuff away.

I'm on Planquenil (sp) I think thats how you spell it. It has taken a lot of the swelling down in my knees. Either way, things are just a bit hard right now.

I hope you reach the end of this flare soon, Roulette. Any chance someone else could take a turn with the floors?

I live alone and I clean as I go, so the place is in good order. Some days are better, some nights are better.

The oxycodone is binding me and I am trying to work around it, not taking it every day. But some days I need something extra..

I'm in another flare up round. Not as bad as before, but still annoying.