Slight flare up, generally over doing it

I'm walking more, but not as exercise, but out of necessity. I have no car, so I have to walk. I must admit I am walking better. Swelling isn't as often and pain is under control. I have to say 'presently' cause I know that things change.

So much to do this month and its hot. I worry about my electricity bill will all the AC. Woke up one morning with exceptional pain in my shoulders and upper back. And then my hips and thighs. I didn't want to turn to the oxy (generic), but I had too; because I had to go out.

No pain from there on in and I got done what I needed to get done. But I'm afraid that I'm pushing it a bit and resting today and stretching.

No walks or carrying things. I just can't. I have to learn my limitations and am slowly. Need too keep my pain journal up to date also.

Need to make improvements in my diet, really try not to fall back on the white flour and pastries. I feel so much better on low sugar and veggies and protein.

I'm not suppose to eat corn or peas or potatoes or any starches or grains. That's hard to do. I do my best.

Need more recipes. LOL