Major Flare Up

Something tells me I'm gonna need a higher dosage of meds. This flare up was gradual and built to a real bad one today. Can barely move around and need more pain meds. Primary wants me to only take Oxy instead of the Tramadol because of other meds I am on right now. I don't like dealing with the constipation. But I think she's right.

Thinking of going to a pain management doctor instead. Maybe getting some physical therapy because I need to get moving. Weight is creeping up on me again. Not hungry, only eat two times a day for pill, but I'm gaining because I'm not doing anything, because I'm in pain.

Thyroid meds still a problem. Ugh.

Not sleeping well either, no matter what I try. Got three hours sleep last night and maybe a total of a half hour nap today. Not good for me mentally or physically, gonna go to bed right after this post to try and get some sleep.