Two things

Constipation from pain pills. I need too work on how to prevent this from happening. I know there are prunes and I'm not sure where to go from there. I am on Ultracet and Oxycodone. I know it's the Oxy, but I need it sometimes. Any advice is welcome in this matter.

and two... how do you know if you are headed for a flare up? Are there symptoms or does it just hit and you have to deal. If I could understand or get clues to prepare myself, I think I would be handling this illness a bit better.

My doctor gave me Lactulose. It doesn't soften the stool or make it thin. It causes the intestinal contractions (called peristalsis) that propel waste through the intestine and causes elimination. My doc gave it to me because I also take pain pills. It was much better than a laxative. SS can make you constipated too.

You got to hold on.

That would be perfect, but I'm lactose intolerant. I have been using evaporated milk to help move things along. It kinda works. Thanks for answering.

I've been using Miralax. It's been a life saver. They make store brands that work just as well.

Roulette, one of the best ways to get a grip on what brings on flairs for you or what the early signs are is keeping a diary. Keep track of everything at first including diet, mood/ stressors, physical activity, anything that might pertain. I find sometimes that i can pay for something a few days later so keeping track for a bit helped. If I fall off my diet for a week or so, it can take a bit to start causing me trouble but it also takes a while to get back to a good place then, too. Overdoing it physically isn't always enough to send me into a flair by itself either. Add a stressful day at work into the mix and it can be. There are times when flair ups hit and I have no idea why but for the most part I can feel when I'm getting run down, etc. You'll get there and it really does help make this whole thing more manageable.

Try Calms magnesium. I drink this in the evening dissolved in water. Keeps things regular and also helps me sleep.

As my body has become used to the meds, the constipation has decreased. But in the beginning, a stool softener once a day really helped. They are not as harsh as a laxative and work quickly. They also don’t take it from one extreme to the other…constipation to needing immodium.
The suggestion of keeping a journal is a good one, especially if you are recently diagnosed. Finding what triggers your flares, can help you to avoid them.
I wish you all the best.

Hello Roulette,

1. Prunes, yes. Also poached pears, eaten warm; and rhubarb, poached and sweetened with Barbados or Demerara sugar

2. I think I have advance symptoms - the skin on my legs tightens. The colour of my legs flush before the full flare.

I have never been given Ultracet but I have had Oxycodone. This was given to me at a time when I had kidney failure, following surgery. I was delirious so my mind is not clear of the happenings. The major flare which set in was with me for weeks - it was my worst ever flare. Constipation was present. As time wore on I opted to take, as well as home remedies, mentioned by me in 1. above, - SENNA tablets = two a day was fine for me.

I have a lot of smoothies and juices to keep the fruit and veg intake up; stuff I don't like to eat normally tastes great in a juice! But obviously you're not getting the fibre that way, so I add organic psyllium husks to that- a couple of teaspoonfuls helps. You can get it from health food shops or online.

I have tried every remedy for constipation....and I mean EVERY remedy. And the solution is simple and sweet: drink 16 oz of prune juice daily. I KNOW it sounds like a crazy amount but it;s the only thing that worked for me.

I take Senna once a day.

Great input !! Thank you. I am going to work on the journal on another site and probably go with the Senna. Prune juice in my area is just too expensive to drink it every day.

I do juice carrots and apples and also eat carrots and celery as a snack every now and then. Always trying to get some veggies and fruit in with each meal. I have a Ninja, so I also get the fiber in my juice, which is great.

Thank you again, everyone.

I use co lace if it’s been a few days of severe constipation or linzess’, hope this helps sjogrens for over 20 years now.