Is anxiety attacks due to medication (plaquenil and prednisone) or part of the Sjögren's package?

I been diagnosed for 6mths. I turned 41 yesterday. I was working freelance then worked for husband to run his business. Ever since I’ve been diagnosed with Sjögren’s, I cry more (urgh no tears) I’m scared and anxious more over things I don’t even know whether I should be scared of even! I tend to doubt myself. I think I have lost my old confident me where I can sleep well even though I am worried about some things. So what is this? Is it the meds (plaquenil & prednisone) or its the Sjögren’s package?

Prednisone would be the most likely culprit. That said, inflammation and depression can go hand in hand, so this may be playing a role. I will also tell you from my own experience that when I forget to take the Evoxac before bed time it’s not uncommon for me to wake up in a panic because I am SO dry!

Even though I’m on 4mg of Prednisone? It seems so little to have such an impact?

That is a very low dose, but some people are sensitive to meds. I would bring it up with your doctor.

Just being diagnosed with something like this could knock you for six itself, so maybe it could be a reaction to that? There’ve been quite a few discussions in the past about adjusting to SjS- if you’re able have a trawl through, it might help.
I know my hubby has had some pretty difficult reactions to prednisone, although he was on a bit higher dose.

I react that way to a low dose of steroids too as far as sleepless nights being worse than normal. But….I get boughs of insomnia anyway, from time to time. Doc says that it is part of SS. Keep in mind too, this is a new diagnosis. Your mind may well be working on that also. Even if its “playing in the background” it is something we have to get our heads around. I’d say talk to your doc but know that the emotional end needs just as much attention.