Is anyone familiar with Cepharanthine for sjogren's treatment?

I’ve been reading about Cepharanthine lately as a very safe and effective treatment for dry mouth related symptoms of Sjogren’s syndrome. It is a medicine that is extracted from a plant and widely used for various conditions in Japan, but it seems that most people outside of Japan aren’t aware of it.

The study I read said that 6 mg of Cepharanthine daily led to a significant improvement in half of the treated patients. An in-depth analysis found that all of the patients with anti-SSA antibody levels below 64 U/ml responded excellently to the treatment.

It’s available to order online, but I just wanted to hear from other people who have tried it? Let me know how it went for you.

You can read this article and study from the (from the Journal of oral health and bio-sciences if you want more information as well.

I haven’t heard of it, so I appreciate the links you provided. It looks like it has some promise, but… The study was really small, only 15 people. It wasn’t double blind. And I’m also wondering how you know whether what you order online is standardized. Do you know if you’re getting what it says you’re getting? Right now it sounds too early for me to consider personally.

Hey Stoney, Thanks so much for your reply. I hear what you’re saying, thank you for pointing it out. It seems that this medicine has been successfully used for various other auto-immune disorders and as there are no major side effects it seems like it definitely cant hurt to try it. I have heard from people that bought LDN (which has also shown to be helpful with sjogren’s)and other products from this company that were very happy.