Is this eczema, psoriasis?

Hi everyone.

I’m going to a dermatologist in a couple weeks because I just can’t take it anymore. I’ve shown my dr. Whom is always super helpful and he just shrugged. It’s not itchy! Maybe it’s just some dry skin, but it’s perfect circles!

Any ideas as to what this is? I have a couple smaller spots that are similar, but this bad boy is on my right thigh almost on my butt.

Ironically it’s on my right hand side which just happens to be the side That all of my pain is on. Probably not related at all, but oh the joys.

It is really hard to know what’s going on without having the dermatologist take a good look at it. It’s not uncommon for eczema and psoriasis to be mistaken for each other. There are certain features I have psoriasis that can make it easier to identify, but there’s no way to tell with an image. Honestly I’ve had some Superdry spots just from the Sjogren’s. I am a huge fan of properly hydrating my skin. I got super dry. It’s especially bad during the winter, but I have to take care of my skin in a way that I never used to have to. Aging is definitely contributing to that as well.

Thanks for the input. I’m having some serious health anxiety. I know you’ve commented before on some of my things and you always have great insight. I finally found a new rheumatologist since my old one was not friendly and brushed me off, but he can’t see me until Mid October.

Does your face ever feel dry/tight and itchy?

I just had a “false alarm” CT scan that said I had a lesion in my colon, nope colonoscopy and endoscopy were perfect.

Since all the drs can’t agree what’s wrong with me I’m petrified I have scleroderma.

Interestingly enough, when I was first diagnosed I had a patchy dry area on my cheek. But . . . It was winter, and I wasn’t in the habit yet of moisturizing. I’m 49 years old, so some dryness is also to be expected.

Yeah, I’ve had those moments where I’ve questioned scleroderma. My impression is that it’s MUCH rarer.

I suppose I should take some comfort in that the SCL 70 and ACA antibodies were negative.

What moisturizer do you recommend?

I would probably encourage you to start with something gentle and /or fragrance free. Personally I’ve been using pond’s, because that’s what my grandmother used. I know, it may not be the world’s greatest reason. But I always loved the way that smells, and her skin was beautiful.

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laclarky, I agree with Stoney: hard to know what that is, and the only way to find out is to have a dermatologist look at it (or have your PCP take a little bit and send it for biopsy, and I don’t even know whether a PCP would do that). Any other funny stuff going on with your skin or nails? Toenails OK? Are your fingernails smooth when you look at them at a “shiny” angle? Any skin irritation/raw spots in skin folds anywhere? The derm is going to want to know. I’m glad you’re going to see one.

Had my PCP sent me to a dermatologist for the “fungus” under my toenails instead of shrugging, I would have discovered that it (and my dry patches) were psoriasis. That diagnosis might have been crucial in diagnosing psoriatic arthritis, about 15 years (and several joint replacements) sooner than it was.

When you have one autoimmune disease, you tend to collect others. So checking in with a dermatologist is an excellent idea. Let us know what the derm says!

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