Lab results

Hello all,
Im feeling a little confused about some things concerning SS, SLE and many other autoimmune diseases …maybe some of u could help … My confusion and/or question is about lab results,blood and urine. Is it pretty normal for Lab mostly blood results, to continuously change everytime i get them done ( which of course happens to be ALL THE TIME :wink: ? My SSB and ANA always comes out positive and my vit. d is always below ( i take a Vit. D rx for that) but my white cells, Lymphocytes, neurophils etc are always different ( from HIGH to LOW or vice versa) Red cells are usually Low (anemia) and sometimes others are back and forth. So am I the only one that is confused about this or whats the deal? Any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile:

I've heard lots of people say they're labs change. The symptoms are the big thing to follow regarding SLE I believe. As far as anemia and initial diagnosis labs are important. I wouldn't put too much weight in a lupus lab changing because unfortunately it doesn't mean you are "cured" if it goes negative.

Dear Nikki,

I'm so glad you posted this for the group to respond. I'm very happy to feature it and send out emails to all members, however, labs are just not my strong point so I will simply wish you well and refer this to the rest of the group! I would rather have the more knowledgeable answer this for you!

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Thank you SK for your support and posting for the group to check out my question :wink: I appreciate your feedback too and hope your doing as well as possible …, sending u hugs back :slight_smile:

Dryguy thanks to u too !! Yes these damn autoimmune diseases really do a number on your lab results huh!? Its just so frustrating that most of them mimic eachother and have alot of the same lab results and symptoms … Ive always been told its pretty lengthy of a time to get exactly the “right” disease diagnosed when it comes to all these autoimmune diseases … Frustrating as heck!

My labs change all the time. I get them done with a urine test every 6 months.